K. Surendran alleges huge irregularities in postal ballots

Kasaragod: BJP state president K. Surendran said that widespread irregularities took place in the postal ballots in the assembly election. Postal ballots were not collected in sealed boxes in many places.

The Election Commission should intervene to ensure transparency of postal ballots, Surendran demanded. 

"The candidates are not informed of the number of postal ballots in each constituency. The political parties have the right to know the number of postal ballots printed. The Election Commission should disclose the numbers of postal ballots printed, used and the balance", he said.

The CPI(M) has arranged a special system for handling the postal ballots. They trained the government officials and BLOs who are supporters of their party to conduct malpractice with postal ballots, Surendran alleged.

He added that CPI(M) criminals have unleashed violence across the state after the election.