Kerala budget promises 20 lakh jobs in 5 yrs

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Finance Minister T.M Thomas Isaac said that an extensive scheme was being initiated by the state government to provide employment to at least 20 lakh educated people through digital platforms within five years.

While presenting the state budget for the fiscal 2021-22 on Friday, Isaac said, “Unemployment of the educated is the biggest developmental challenge faced by Kerala. While the national level unemployment in the age group of 15 to 59 was 5.8% in 2018-19, it was 10.4% in Kerala.

The main reason is the unemployment of women in Kerala. While the male unemployment rate in Kerala is 5.8% that of women is 19.1%.”

He noted that “women stop seeking jobs and go out of the work force on realising the difficulties in getting a job. It’s shameful to note that while the labour participation rate of men is 73.5%, that of women is only 28.5%.”

Issac, while presenting the last budget of the incumbent Left Democratic Front (LDF) government, said that five lakh women professionals have taken career breaks and are staying at home.

“Another 40 lakh educated women who are outside the labour force and are staying at home, will be willing to work from home or a nearer location. Around 16 lakh educated youngsters registered with employment exchange are waiting for employment. Hence, the total comes to 60 lakh. An extensive scheme is being initiated to provide employment to at least 20 lakh educated unemployed through digital platforms within five years,” he said. Asianet Online