Kerala gets its first transperson broadcast journalist

Heidi Saadiya has made history as Kerala's first trans-person broadcast journalist, who made a debut reporting the second lunar mission's achievement when its landing module 'Vikram' successfully separated from the orbiter on Monday.

State Health Minister K.K Shylaja congratulated Saadiya, saying she would be an inspiration to others.

"Saadiya is an inspiration to other transgenders in the country. After her degree, she completed her PG Diploma in Journalism and joined Kairali News and reported the achievement of 'Chandrayaan 2'," the minister wrote in a Facebook post, which also congratulated the engineers behind the Moon mission.

Saadiya (22) has been hired as a broadband journalist by the ruling CPI(M)-run Kairali news channel and she did her first live reporting on 'Chandrayaan 2' on Monday.

Saadiya told she was very proud to be part of the journalist fraternity.

"There are many others like me who have joined the media profession, but I am the first to be broadcast journalist. I am lucky to join this place. The responsibility of a journalist is very big and I understand the seriousness of this job," she said.

(with news agency inputs)