Kolenchery rape case: Victim shows recovery

Kochi: The 75-yr-old woman who was raped by a truck driver at Kolenchery on Sunday was physically assaulted after the crime.

The son of the woman, who lured the elderly into her house and facilitated the rape, found the woman in an exhausted state at his house and went on to attack her.

Meanwhile, the elderly woman has shown signs of improvements, hospital sources said.

The accused — truck driver Muhammed Shafi (50), Manoj (46) and his mother Omana (66) were presented before a magistrate in the district on Wednesday. Shafi who resisted arrest was picked up by police using reasonable force with the help of local residents from his hideout on Tuesday.

"All three would be party to crimes committed by each of the them. The first accused Shafi has been charged with the rape while Manoj committed brutal assault on the woman. Omana facilitated and abetted the crimes", a police officer said.

Police sources said Omana used to arrange sex workers for her customers.

"On the fateful day, a woman she arranged for the truck driver didn't show up. Omana then lured the elderly woman, who had forgetfulness, into going home with her and Shafi then raped her. Manoj, who had a bad temper as well as a drinking problem, used to fight with his mother Omana for bringing women and customers to their home.

On Sunday night, he found the elderly woman in his house exhausted and brutally attacked her", said an official.


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