Maradu flats: 'Propose fresh payment plan or face sale of assets', SC to builders

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday gave an ultimatum to the builders in the Maradu flat demolition case to either propose a fresh plan to pay dues calculated by the court-appointed committee or face sale of all attached properties of defaulting builders.

The bench of Justices Rohinton Nariman, Krishna Murari and Aniruddha Bose noted that the court has perused the latest report by the committee which stated that a total of Rs 61 crores was outstanding from the builders.

The top court further observed that a proposal to make payment was made before the committee by three of the four builders but the same was rejected.

Thus, the court has now asked the builders to either submit a new proposal or face the sale of assets.

"Keeping Jain builders apart, the other three builders have given a proposal to the committee which was rejected. Either give a proposal to the committee afresh on repayment or we ask the committee to sell all the attached properties," said Justice Nariman.

In October, 2019, Kerala government was directed by the Supreme Court to give Rs 25 lakh as interim compensation to Maradu flat owners after it was brought to the notice of the court that some of the flat owners were not adequately compensated.

The compensation was on account of demolition of flats which was ordered by the apex court on the ground that flats were constructed in violation of environmental norms. Asianet Online