Mukesh's phone call yelling at school student triggers row

Kollam: Kollam MLA M. Mukesh of the CPI(M) has landed himself in a controversy after a phone call of him shouting at a boy was leaked.

In the phone call, the caller claims to be a Class 10 student from Ottappalam in Palakkad district. Though the caller said that he called for an urgent matter, the CPI(M) legislator refused to listen to him.

Mukesh was heard shouting at the boy, asking why he did not call the Palakkad MLA instead.

The boy is heard saying he got the number from one of his friends, so he called to tell the Kollam MLA an urgent matter. Mukesh replied saying the friend who gave his number should be slapped in the face.

The actor-politician then asks the boy who is the MLA in the constituency he belongs to. When the boy replied saying he doesn’t know, Mukesh said if the boy was in front of him, he would have beaten him using a cane.While the boy goes on to say sorry, the Kollam MLA keeps on scolding him.

At no point during the phone conversation does Mukesh ask or listen to what the boy’s problems are. Asianet Online