Navy takes over IMD building in naval base in Kochi

The Indian Navy on Wednesday took possession of an unused, vacant Cyclone Detection Radar building of the Met department, to be used for providing daily meteorological information and forecast to users across the navy including ships.

The building, inside the naval base, was equipped with S-band cyclone detection radar and had been used by India Meteorological Department from 1987-2017 to provide weather support for civil aviation at the old Kochi Airport.

However, in 2017, IMD commenced operating a new Doppler Weather Radar (DWR) at Mundamveli in Kochi as the S-band radar had become obsolete, following which the building has been lying vacant and unused, a Defence release said.

The building is set to be utilised by Indian Naval Meteorological Analysis Centre (INMAC), an operational unit set up in 2013 with the mandate to provide daily meteorological information for the navy, the release added.