Orthodox church bishops hold talks with RSS leadership


Kochi: Orthodox Church Metropolitans held discussions with RSS joint general secretary Manmohan Vaidya on Wednesday.

The meeting was conducted soon after the BJP national leadership directed to attract Christian votes in Kerala.

The meeting with the metropolitans was held in the Kochi headquarters of RSS.

Geevarghese Mar Yulios, the bishop who is in charge of Ahmedabad Diocese, and Yakob Mar Irenios, the bishop in charge of Kochi Diocese, attended the meeting with Manmohan Vaidya.

As per reports, the Metropolitans and RSS leader discussed about the church dispute and the politics in Kerala. It is noteworthy that the meeting took place when election is around the corner in Kerala.

BJP state president K. Surendran also held talks with various Church authorities.

The bishops said that amicable relations exist between RSS and the church faction and it was to better those relations that they held talks with Manmohan Vaidya. Both sides took the initiative for talks. The church has better relations with the central government.

The church decided to better its relations with RSS due to the Prime Minister’s intervention over the church conflict issue.

The orthodox church has rendered support to LDF in the 2016 assembly polls. However, the church faction has not received conducive backing from the government over the church conflict issue.

In spite of that, the church faction also holds the opinion that UDF need not be considered seriously.


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