Petrol, diesel prices continue to soar, hit new highs

New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices continued to soar to new highs after continuous rise in fuel rates for the 13th consecutive day.

Day after crossing the Rs 90 mark, petrol prices in Delhi rose to Rs 90.58 per litre with an increase of 39 paise.

Diesel prices soared to Rs 80.97 per litre with a hike of 37 paise over the previous day's rate.

In Kochi, the price of petrol touched Rs 90.83 per litre and diesel price recorded at Rs 85.48 and in Thiruvananthapuram, the petrol price was recorded at Rs 92.59 per litre and diesel price at Rs 87.13.

Petrol prices in Mumbai surpassed the Rs 97 per litre mark with a hike of 38 paise while diesel rose to Rs 87.06 per litre after an increase of 39 paise.