Quick Response Team to tackle super spread of COVID-19 cases in Poonthura

Thiruvananthapuram: The district administration formed a Quick Response Team (QRT) in view of the 'super spread' of the COVID-19 cases in Poonthura.

A number of revenue, police and health officials have been included in the group. An order issued by Thiruvananthapuram District Collector Navjot Khosa said Covid QRT would remain under the control of Tahsildar and Incident Commander, Thiruvananthapuram.

"Tahsildar shall nominate one Deputy Tahsildar and clinical staff at one shift and shall ensure it works 24 hours. COVID QRT shall decide on the movement and emergency exit from the critical containment zone. Also, they shall regulate the movement of goods vehicles and manpower intended to replenish the stocks of Grocery/vegetable/meat shops and medical shops and all other essential services like water, electricity and sanitation, "the order said.

It further added the district police chief, Thiruvananthapuram city and the district medical officer (Health) would be provided with at least one staff per shift.


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