Sabarimala is not a topic for election campaign but a emotional subject: Suresh Gopi

Thrissur: Sabarimala is not a campaign issue but an emotional one, said NDA candidate Suresh Gopi. He said what the government did in the name of the Supreme Court verdict was weird, and this time not taking Thrissur, the people are giving me.

Addressing the media here on Thursday, the NDA candidate raised a sharp criticism against the LDF government over the Sabarimala women entry issue. 

“Everyone knows the weird act of the state government in Sabarimala by using the Supreme Court verdict. We must counter such weird people democratically,” said Suresh Gopi 

“Sabarimala is not a topic for election campaign. It is a sentimental subject. The majority of those who are sentimental about Sabarimala are not Hindus. I have found people of Christian community too are concerned about Sabarimala. By upholding the Supreme Court verdict, the government has committed a serious mistake. So, we should democratically destroy them,” said Suresh Gopi.

He added that let the people think about the Sabarimala issue rather than turning it into a topic for the election campaign. “Sabarimala is the topic of the public. It is not a subject of Congress or BJP. Other parties have no right to think on Sabarimala,” he added.

“ Let the public discuss it. But they should remember the last 5 years which witnessed flood and cyclone Ockhi. Nobody would oppose equality in protecting the customs of all religious groups. We should protect customs in Sabarimala like protecting the customs of all religious groups,” said Suresh Gopi. Asianet Online