Sree Chitra Institute develops anti-cancer drug

The Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technoloy (SCTIMST) in Thiruvananthapuram has developed an anti cancer anti-inflamatory drug conjugated to the human serum Albumin.

It is an intravenous delivery system, enabling 100 fold increase in drug bio-availability and is a mix of human serum albumin and a plant based drug, an institute source told.

"We have done the initial animal trials and it has been proved anti inflamatory. Already the technology has been transferred.

The clinial trials will take some time as it has to be done in various stages and will be undertaken by the company", the source added.

This combination is the first of its kind as human albumin which is more compatible to the human body is being used.

Clinical trials in humans have to be completed and results assessed as the ensuing steps towards commercialisation.

The institute has also developed the technology of isothermal based DNA amplification device to detect TB bacterium in sputum samples in less than 30 minutes.

Nearly 2-3 million people are infected with Tuberculosis and the prevalence of totally drug resistant TB (TDR-TB) is very high in India.

The TB screening device employs a nucleic acid amplification technique to detect TB in less than 30 minutes with high specificity and without false positives.

It can simultaneously screen 20 patient samples in one assay and at considerably lower cost than the existing devices ( costs approx Rs 2500/ sample), an institute release said.

There are TB detection devices that are currently used in a specialized laboratory setup, but there is an urgent need for a highly sensitive TB detection device which can be used in resource poor peripheral centers, where sophisticated laboratories or services of microbiologists are not availabe, the release said.

(with news agency inputs)