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Know The Right Age To Get Married

Marriage is an institution that requires something more than mutual love. You can fall in love in your teenage years; but to get married, you need a ...

Know These Perks Of Dating A Tomboy

Tomboys are usually not the type of girls whom guys would love to date initially when compared to others.She is the girl who doesn't really care abou...

Reasons Why Women Have Fantasise Another Man

A new study claims that nearly 73% of women fantasise a different guy during intercourse! Yes, at times, women dream about another man while romancin...

Reasons Why Abusive Women Are Abusive

Generally, we tend to label people as good or bad. Its easy to label and categorise people and stay away from them. But it is difficult to understand...

Drinking Coffee May Be Good For Your Digestive System

Whether you are going through mid-day slump, down with gloomy mood or struggling with a stressful mind - a cup of coffee can fix it all. Coffee lover...

Psychologists believe smiling can make people feel happier

The study published in the journal ‘Psychological Bulletin’ looked at nearly 50 years of data testing whether facial expressions can lead...

Violent relationship ups mental disorder risk in women

Women, please take note. If you are in a violent relationship you may be at an increased risk of suffering from mental disorders, suggests a new stud...

Know These Overrated Things In Most Relationships

There are many things in our lives that are overrated. We are so influenced with these things that we forget about the priceless and valuable things ...

Know About What's Cute And What's Hot

Men find some women as cute and some as hot. Cute and hot are just labels. Ultimately, men love women. But women are more interested to know what mak...

Ways That Sensuality Changed With Time

With time, many things tend to change and the same applies even to the romantic choices and preferences of people. In the past few decades, technolog...

Things To Learn From Rejections

Whether you believe it or not, every relationship is a lesson. In fact, it is like a mirror that reflects your own image. Yes, relationships are here...

Reasons To Hug Your Lover Tonight

Sometimes, a hug is all that you need to make things feel better. When you've had a rotten day, don't you long for that hug from the one you love? Ye...

Reasons Why Married Women Are More Attractive

You know what? Most of the single men fantasise married women in their dreams. Yes, there is something very attractive about those graceful women. Si...

How To Know That Does Security Lie In Relationships

The problem is: we all search for security everywhere in the world except inside our own hearts. In fact, the real joy lies in the heart; not outside...

Know These Things That Guys Can't Get Enough Of

There are so many things that we love in our partners. Sometimes, we tell them, and at few other various occasions, their sweet gestures will make on...

Know These Reasons Why Men Flirt

Men Love To Get Into Unknown Territories The challenge of invading unknown territories gives a different high to men who love challenges.Of course, t...

Reasons Why Men Like Mysterious Women

Not all men but a percentage of men crave for mysterious women. Yes at least in one stage of their lives they crave for a mystery. And when they come...

Know These Signs That Reveal His Lust

If you have a boyfriend who seems to go crazy for you, the first thing you need to know is whether he is in lust with you or in love with you.If he j...

Ways That Love Lubricates Relationship

If relationships can be compared to complex machines, then love is the best lubricant that can run the machine harmoniously!All of us are different. ...

Know These Things That Make Women Look Attractive

There are certain things that can make women look attractive. Frankly speaking, we can never generalise any concept related to beauty and attraction ...

Know These Types Of Relationships Urban Indians Get Into

Relationships are based on love, care, understanding, respect, compassion, honesty and the list goes on. Nowadays, most couples get into a relationsh...

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Flirts With Others

Don't be surprised if you see your girlfriend flirting with someone else as you're not alone on this planet. Of course, it pains you inside but some ...

Things That He Will Love About You

When you are in a relationship there are few things you and your partner accept about each other. Understanding and accepting the flaws that your par...

Signs That You Must Watch On Your First Date

Our body language reveals a lot about how we feel at the moment. Reading the other person's body language can make the communication a lot easy.Meeti...

Know These Signs You Are Being Used By Her

Love and romance are beautiful feelings and they are the only emotions that make life worth living. But unfortunately, there are some men and women w...

Things To Remember When Dating A Younger Man

The trend is catching up. Many young men of this generation don't think twice to marry a woman older than them. It is no longer a taboo especially if...

Ways To Make Your Women Feel Special

Are you in a strong relationship? Then what have you planned to do for your woman? Make this 8th March memorable for your wife or girlfriend. Actuall...

Know These Things Women Do That Make Men Crazy

The relationship between a man and a woman has always been very mysterious. Both of them are poles apart yet cannot stay without being with each othe...

Reasons Why Sleeping Separately Is Bad For Your Relationship

After boredom creeps into a relationship, couples generally sleep separately. They lack the desire to sleep together or cuddle up. But relationship e...

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Know The Right Age To Get Married

Know These Perks Of Dating A Tomboy

Reasons Why Women Have Fantasise Another Man

Reasons Why Abusive Women Are Abusive

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