Thursday, January 24, 2019


Does She A Pillow Princess

So you have been dating her since a few weeks and have finally managed to take her to the bedroom. You have so many crazy and wild plans while undres...

Things That Makes An Online Dater Successful

Bragging is a strict no-no if you you wish to attract possible romantic partners through online dating. Rather, present yourself as humble and "real,...

Things That You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Some words act like acid. They burn relationships. That is why ancient wisdom says "You don't need to be concerned much about what goes inside your m...

Signs That She Lost Interest In You

Anything can happen. We can't simply take relationships for granted. Your girlfriend may find you boring, she might feel like moving on or she might ...

How To Show Love Even Without Expressing It In Words

Expressing love is not a cup of tea for most of them, as everybody is not an expert in the act of love. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words an...

Benefits Of Letting Her Drive To Know

Men love riding and driving. So, they always crave to sit behind the wheel. And when it comes to riding a bike, they would love to race on the roads ...

Know These Types Of Men Who Are Not Worth Dating

There are certain personalty types in men. Of course, we cannot categorise all men into a few types. But what we can do is figure out certain undesir...

Know These Types Of Toxic Men To Avoid

There are various personality types in men and women. In this post, let us talk about some types of men that you may need to avoid.Some people have m...

Reasons Why Love Is Like A Drug

The nervousness you feel, the confusion that clouds your mind and those uncontrollable emotions that flood you- everything can be scientifically expl...

Know These Signs That Your Ex Regrets Breaking Up With You

Most women out there have gone through unsuccessful relationships at some point or the other. Breaking up is something that is painful and cannot be ...

Facts To now About Unconditional Love In Relationship

Relationships are complicated but love is a very simple phenomenon. Then what makes us perceive relationships as draining experiences? Well, that is ...

Ways To Patch Up Without Losing Self Esteem

Minor issues do crop up in any relationship. But if you have the patience to solve them fast, your relationship will be beautiful.But if you're getti...

Things That She Do When She Misses You

Men wonder what women do when they miss them but this question doesn't have a general answer as not all women are the same. And then, many other fact...

Reasons Why You Should Not Run After Anyone

We all do it at least once in life. We fall for someone who never cares for us. Gradually, our cravings increase and sometimes, we may even feel like...

Know These Evil Thoughts Of Insecure Boyfriends

Insecurity can trouble anyone. Whether it is men or women, it is quite natural to feel insecure at some point in life. But gradually, one can grow up...

Reasons Why Twin Flame Relationships Are Challenging

Have you ever felt as if your special someone is just like a mirror image of you? Do you feel a telepathic connection with her? Do you feel as if she...

Know These Things That Will Make Him Stop Loving You

Relationships need to be worked upon by both the partners, it is a joint effort. Taking care of your partner's needs and interests becomes a priority...

Things That She Never Tells You But Expects From You

Women have some basic expectations from a man. They will be happy if a man meets those expectations without being told.And yes they would hate to exp...

Know These Unromantic Truths About Relationships

Most of us perceive relationships as a beautiful journey. Some of us perceive them as enigmatic. Some view them as costly mistakes we do in life. Som...

Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Prepare For A Date

You can prepare for an examination because you fear failure. But do you need to make special preparations when you are going to meet your soul mate? ...

Factors That Can Trigger Trust Issues To Know

A relationship requires many factors that can make it successful. One of the key elements, without which a relationship would crumble down, is trust ...

Signs That She Is Controlling You

It takes some age and life experience to understand what is love and what is not in the relationships that we have.There is an age when many things u...

Signs That Your Partner Is A Negative Nancy

A negative Nancy is a person who constantly sends out negative vibes by being pessimistic about life in general. Such a person can be toxic in relati...

Talks That You Should Avoid With Your Man

Expressing your emotions can sometimes get you into some unwanted trouble. This is something that happens to most of the couples. Expressing their th...

Things That You Don't Need To Tell Your Partner

Sometimes, we get carried away and start talking some nonsense. It happens many times. But when it comes to certain sensitive topics, it is better to...

Reasons Why A Preachy Boyfriend Is Boring

Some people have the habit of taking the role of the teacher. They assume themselves as the 'intelligent one' around and constantly bother others wit...

Know These Hidden Secrets Behind Love And Lust

If you wish to know about the actual biochemistry that leads to a relationship then here it is: T+E+D+O+V= Love.T stands for testosterone, E is Estro...

Types Of Women You Should Not Mary According To Chanakya

Since years, people have been following the words of Chanakya. He is considered as a man of wisdom and the one who could solve any problem. Be it the...

Know These Things That You'll Learn After First Relationship

Whether we agree with it or not, our teenage years shape certain life experiences and opinions. In fact, your experience at that time may alter your ...

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Does She A Pillow Princess

Things That Makes An Online Dater Successful

Things That You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Signs That She Lost Interest In You

How To Show Love Even Without Expressing It In Words

Benefits Of Letting Her Drive To Know

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