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Ways To Romance A Woman

Though there may never be a clear winner, Women will always remain one step ahead of Men. The world would be incomplete without Women, don't you thin...

Steps To Get Your Ex Back Into Your Life Easily

Man is a social animal. This means to say that man cannot live alone. We need a special companion by our sides, who would like to go through life's u...

Know These Tips To Mend Your Broken Heart

Love is magical and would be the only thing that has been explained by people from many verticals, but still nobody could give the exact description ...

Know These Ways To Feel Emotionally Connected To Your Partner

It often happens that when you are in a relationship with someone you feel you know since ages. You know their every like, dislike and their fears, e...

Know These Facts About Love That Will Blow Your Mind

The strongest human emotion, love is something that has transcended generations. It is indeed love that has held human beings close to each other and...

Ways That Your Husband React When You Praise Another Man

Men tend to lose sleep when a woman praises another man in their presence. May be its just an evolutionary trait that is meant to develop competition...

Signs That You Are A Henpecked Husband

Men who are controlled by their wives fall in the category of henpecked husbands. Well, it is almost like an abusive relationship.When husbands are m...

Know These Perks Of Marrying Someone From A Different Culture

Marriage, they say is the union of two souls. And souls, as we all know, do not understand the division of caste, creed and culture. Hence, it is ine...

Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Not Romantic Enough

For most girls of our generation, love and romance are things that go hand in hand. All of us enjoy it when our boyfriend is romantic and expresses h...

Benefits Of Listening To Your Wife

Whether we agree with it or not; listening is a skill. It has been proved that good listeners tend to enhance their quality of life and can also be g...

How To Make Your Partner Co-Operate

It isn't easy to stay together, work together and live together for a lifetime. Yes, even a couple is like a team and they too have different opinion...

Myths About Marriage To Know

Marriage is totally a personal experience and therefore, we cannot generalise anything about it. Some are comfortable in marriage whereas some find m...

Know These Unique Dating Ideas For Introverts

With the Indian society progressing at an alarming rate, the concept of dating is becoming all the way more popular. In fact, there is a certain age ...

Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

As the years pass on, a lot of changes are being noted in the social scene. One notable change in this regard is the wider acceptance of relationship...

Signs That He Is Fantasising Other Women

Generally, when men fall for someone outside the relationship, they first fantasise and dream a lot. That is how they first start cheating. When the ...

Common Relationship Problems And How To Resolve Those

Every now and then we have come across friends and family talking like those quoted texts above and we might have too at some point or the other divu...

Signs That You Are Ready For A Relationship

When a child is born, there is a developmental timeline for him. There is a certain age when he or she takes his or her first steps, a time when he u...

Foolish Things That Husbands Do

Marriage will teach you a lot of lessons. Especially, after marriage, you can't afford to do certain foolish things that will annoy your wife.Being a...

Ways To Stop Taking Things Personally

Sometimes, it is quite common to take things personally. It is part of our nature. When your partner tries to correct you or tell you something which...

Reasons Why Married Men Flirt

Most of us expect that marriage fulfills all desires. But for some, marriage isn't enough. And for some men, one relationship isn't enough. Such men ...

Creative Ideas To Bring Romance Back Into Married Life

The hustle-bustle of a daily life for a married couple can be stressful and unromantic. To overcome it, we have concocted 11 creative and inexpensive...

Old Fashioned Methods Of Expressing Love

Love is the synchronisational emotion that breeds in each creature on Earth and we humans tend to cater it the most. Love is an aura that never fails...

Things That You Didnot Know About Divorce

Any relationship needs to be saved before one gives up. Of course, any couple would think twice before choosing to file divorce. But still, the divor...

Know These Tips For Couples Traveling Together

Traveling with your partner can be the most exotic feeling or can turn into a disaster.Couples who travel together, end up with a love that never sto...

Rules That You Must Know When You Are In A Relationship

Love has no boundaries and neither any defined path and is based on fondness and complementary differences. Without the likeness there would be no at...

Ways To Deal With Childless Marriage

Married life with children can be awesome. But wait! Married life without kids can also be beautiful, if you wish to make it beautiful.When the docto...

Chemicals in cosmetic harm women’s hormones

  The beauty products you use can negatively affect your hormones. A new study has discovered links between chemicals that are widely used in cos...

Caffeine is good for patients with kidney disease

Consuming more caffeine may help reduce the risk of death for people with chronic kidney disease. In a new study, researchers hypothesised that caffei...

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Modak Recipe

Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet is Modak, which are basically sweet flour dumplings that are stuffed with coconut, jaggery, saffron and nutmeg. ...

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Ways To Romance A Woman

Steps To Get Your Ex Back Into Your Life Easily

Know These Tips To Mend Your Broken Heart

Know These Facts About Love That Will Blow Your Mind

Ways That Your Husband React When You Praise Another Man

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