5 Fake Promises Couples Make

While few promises are real, there are many fake promises that are meant to be broken! Wondering what are these fake promises? Check out the list of fake promises that couples make.

“I promise not to be with someone else”: This is one of the first promises both men and women make to their partners. But, there are very few people who actually stick to their promises. Often, you end up talking to or getting distracted by some third person from nowhere! This promise is not only related to affairs or crushes but also friendship! There are few possessive partners who would not like to see you talking to some other friend of the opposite gender. You might promise your partner that you will not speak to the friend but, break it!

“I promise I will do whatever you like”: You think you can adjust with the likes and dislikes of your partner. Is it really possible? This is a fake promise that couples make to each other just to adjust with each other. In the beginning of every relationship, you will feel like adjusting the way your partner wants out of sheer excitment, but it is not easy to change. Moreover, change is not natural. It is faked! You hate pizza but your partner loves it. So, you say, “I love pizzas!”

“I promise you will not cook on Sunday”: Women have to look after the kitchen. It is a practice that has been going on since decades or generations. If you are working professional, your partner will tell that he will cook on Sundays and you will be free! For few Sundays, your partner might stand up to his promises but, with the passage of time, things will change automatically. Where is the promise that he made now?

“No parties Honey”: If your partner hates partying, you would happily say ‘No’ to parties. This is common reaction when your love is fresh in the air. As soon as you get used to your partner your promise starts taking a U-turn. Going to parties without telling your partner and then faking it is breaking your oath!

“I promise I will not repeat it again”: When you have a fight with your partner, you would say, “I promise. This will never happen again.” For few weeks you will abide by your promise but, it is difficult to change the nature of a person. You tend to prove that it was a fake promise that you made to your partner. You repeat the same mistake that annoys your partner.