Amazing health benefits of curd

An Indian meal is mostly incomplete without curd. It is probiotic and rich in calcium. After reading the amazing benefits of curd, you will add it to your daily diet for sure.

Curd or dahi, is an essential part of the meal that one consumes during the day. Curd rice or Thayir Sadam is a popular recipe in Tamil Nadu, and a day that goes without consuming the dish is considered incomplete. Such is the importance of curd! Read on to know the various health benefits of adding curd to your diet on a day to day basis and the best time to have it.

Health benefits of curd

Curd is ideal for the digestive system. It aids digestion and keeps the digestive tract healthy.

It is probiotic, meaning it is loaded with good bacteria. It helps in getting rid of the harmful bacteria and keeps the stomach clean and healthy.

On average, 100 grams of curd contains about 8 % calcium, 2 % Vitamin A, 22% Protein, 15 % Sodium, 6 % Cobalamin and 2 % Magnesium. Calcium makes the bones and the teeth healthy while the other nutrients boost immunity.

It is useful for treating hypertension. It also keeps the heart healthy by keeping cardiovascular diseases away.

Curd also keeps the skin and hair hydrated.

Best time to have curd

The best time to have curd is during day time. Ayurveda suggests that one must avoid having curd at night. However, people who do not have any cold and cough problems may add curd to their meals even at night. One may have curd as it is or dilute it by adding water. Asianet Online