Arguments that can potentially kill a relationship

Every couple argues. In fact, arguments are considered to be healthy. But, there are some that relationship experts think of as deal-breakers over time, causing the relationship to end. Listed below are some that are best avoided. Alternatively, couples must a find a way to resolve their differences. Read on.

The need to be correct always

When you argue and insist you’re right and your partner in the wrong, you give out the message that your ego is bigger than the relationship. And it is a fact that no one can be 100 per cent right all the time. While arguments are part of life, it is important that they are done in a mature manner, without bringing either partner down. Remember, you are a team and, therefore, the focus should be on the conflict.

Division of chores

This is the most basic of arguments that can affect the harmony of a family. When there is balance and an equal division of work, you would not mind taking on added responsibilities occasionally. But, if there is no balance, one partner may start feeling resentful with time, leading to arguments. The key is to be equals.

Lifestyle difference

You are the reticent one, but your partner enjoys socialising. This might not be a problem if there is respect and understanding. But, this can prove to be problematic over a period of time, especially if one partner refuses to show any kind of flexibility. If you enjoy going out, don’t overdo it. Stay at home with your partner at times. Additionally, your partner can also dress up and show up every once a while. Find that balance.


Being a team includes sharing your finances. But partners need to be on the same page when it comes to savings and spending. If one partner is particularly spendthrift, it can cause a problem in the relationship and lead to arguments. No one partner can have complete control over the finances, and there is a need for decisions to be made jointly.