Body Scrubs To Get Rid Of Dry Winter Skin

Winters bring along some dry skin problems. Sometimes the problem aggravates to a level that your skin starts to get flaky. In such cases, a little TLC works wonders. You can opt for body scrubs for exfoliating. They not only help you get rid of flaky and dead skin, but also make your skin smooth and glowing.

You will find a huge variety of ready-to-use scrubs online as well as in the market. These scrubs can be expensive, yet not that effective. A scrub made with real ingredients can be much more effective than a scrub bought from the market. To make a scrub of your own, all you need is a few minutes and a few ingredients.

We have picked one of the most effective and easy scrubs that you can make in just a few minutes.

Citrus Morning Scrub

Ingredients: One cup coarse sea salt or Epsom salt, one cup olive oil, two drops of grapefruit essential oil, and one tablespoon lemon zest.

Procedure & Application: Mix all the ingredients together and stir well. Pour the mixture into a lidded jar. Wet your skin and gently massage this scrub in a circular motion, all over your body. Later, rinse it off with water and pat dry the skin with a soft towel. You can apply a moisturiser after the completion of the process.

This scrub will gently remove all the impurities and dead skin, while making it soft and supple.

Salt and Honey Scrub

Ingredients: Half cup sea salt and half cup honey.

Procedure & Application: Blend the ingredients well to form an even mixture. Wet your skin and place a spoonful of the scrub on your palm. Add a little water to make it smoother. Then, gently massage it on the skin in a circular motion. Make sure you don’t rub the skin in a way that it will cause scratches and bruises. Be as gentle as possible. Later, wash it with a mild soap and water.

This scrub will not only exfoliate your skin, but will also moisturize and nourish it. You can also add rosemary, lavender, basil, or mint.

Mediterranean Olive Oil Scrub

Ingredients: Half cup sea salt, half cup brown sugar, quarter cup olive oil, a few drops of orange essential oil.

Procedure & Application: Mix all the ingredients together. Apply an adequate amount of the scrub to damp skin. Massage in a circular motion. Avoid applying too much pressure, as you may end up scratching or bruising your skin. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

This scrub is not only effective in getting rid of dead and dull skin, but will also make the skin smooth. The olive oil present in it will help in providing deep moisturization.

Coconut, Vanilla, and Brown Sugar Scrub

Treat your skin to a spa-like experience with this scrub. It will not only exfoliate and moisturise the skin, but will also leave it with a mesmerising scent.

Coconut, Vanilla, and Brown Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Half cup brown sugar, half cup coconut oil, and half teaspoon vanilla extract.

Procedure & Application: Mix all ingredients together. Dampen the skin and apply a generous amount of the scrub. Massage in a firm, circular motion. Later, rinse it off with water.

The brown sugar helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, the coconut oil moisturises the skin, and the vanilla extract infuses the skin with a warm scent. You can refrigerate unused portions of this scrub for about two weeks. If you are prone to yeast infections, be careful while using any sugar scrub.

Rose Petal Scrub

Ingredients: One and a half cup of brown sugar, one cup coconut oil, one tablespoon of jojoba or sweet almond oil, and a few fresh rose petals (pink or red).

Procedure & Application: Pour the coconut oil in a mason jar and add a handful of rose petals. Then add the raw sugar and jojoba or almond oil. Cover the jar with a lid and let it stay for a few days.

Before you use it, mash all the added ingredients together using a large spoon. Apply an adequate amount of scrub to damp skin. Massage in a circular motion and rinse off. Your skin will turn softer and smoother.

All of these scrubs have been formulated to cleanse, nourish and soften the skin that winter has ruined. Try them and see the difference for yourself!