Breakfast Mistakes You Must Avoid

There have been conflicting reports that keep emerging these days about having breakfast every morning and about it being the most important meal of the day. Whatever reasons you might have read or heard, it just makes good sense to have breakfast in the morning. You may think that you have been resting the whole night, but your brain does not shut down and neither does your body. You are still burning energy in your sleep. People miss breakfast for a lot of reason, the lack of time being the most important. They grab whatever they can and wolf it down. Here are some of the top breakfast mistakes you must avoid.

1. Not eating breakfast

Not eating breakfast for whatever reasons is the first mistake you should avoid. If you do not have enough time in the morning to have breakfast, lay out your breakfast the previous night or at least decide on what to eat in the morning before you go to sleep. That way you do not have to scramble around in the morning looking for things to eat. Stock up on juice and cereal so you can finish breakfast in a few minutes.

2. Eating way too much for breakfast

Sure you are breaking a fast, but that does not mean that you have to eat like you haven’t eaten for days. A healthy breakfast is a must, but that does not mean that you have to stuff yourself with a heavy meal for breakfast. A heavy breakfast can make you dull and make you want to sleep even before your day has started.

3. Eating the same thing for breakfast every morning

You could be eating cereals and milk for breakfast every morning because it is comfortable and does not take too much of your time. Although cereal and milk is good for you, you cannot eat them every day. Not only will you miss out on nutrients you can get form other stuff, but you will also get bored of it real quick.

4. Wolfing down breakfast with juice or water

Food needs to be chewed and masticated properly before swallowing. Drinking juice or water to send down the food immediately can make you choke and also make the digestive process slower. Food just settles down instead of being broken down. Eat slowly and if you do not have the tie, make the tie as your health is more important that anything else that you may be doing. You also need to stay healthy to do the things you want to do.

5. Eating on the run

A lot of people wake up half an hour before they have to be at work and grab a bite to eat from the vending machine or the street vendor and eat when they are moving. Not only will you spill food all over you when you do this, but you will also expend all the energy you get out of the food by running. You will feel hungry very soon and tend to pig out on lunch. Desk: Asianet Online