Coconut And Guava Drink Is A Great Option For High Blood Sugar Diet


A good diet can make a world of difference in bringing relief from chronic health issues like diabetes. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas are unable to produce sufficient insulin, due to which, blood sugar is left unchecked and is unable to get stored in the cells. This may lead to sudden rise in the blood sugar level.

Coconut Water For Diabetes

This miracle water is considered great for people dealing with high blood sugar. It is revered for its high electrolytes content that supports the pH balance of the body and boosts its metabolic functioning. Coconut water is naturally sweet and packs a good amount of fibre and proteins. 

Guava For Diabetes

Guava has a low glycaemic index (GI), which is a must-have quality in foods for a diabetes diet. The fruit is digested gradually, which avoids immediate spike in blood sugar. It is low in calories and sodium, and rich is fibre and potassium, making it perfect for regulating high blood sugar.

Coconut And Guava Drink Recipe

Coconut water in itself is a delightful drink. Add to it, the mildly sweet and amazingly soft fruit of guava, and you get a naturally sweet, soul-stirring drink. You don't need to add any harmful refined sugar.

Method of preparation:

Grind guava to its pulp and pass it through a sieve to separate its seeds. Add the pulp to equal part or more of coconut water and give it a good stir. In one glass of coconut water and guava pulp drink, add juice of half a lemon and half teaspoon grated ginger. Also add 6-7 finely chopped basil leaves to add in a dash of herby freshness.

This drink is so delicious that you might want to have it every day. But, since coconut water also contains some fructose, it would be better to consult your doctor before consuming too much of it. , Desk: Asianet Online