Concrete Differences Between Sadness and Depression

Some people undergo depression and carry its weight for a period of time, and learn to live with it. Others get to manage and eventually overcome the condition through various forms of help. But depression is often interchanged with sadness. Some of us claim to be depressed but are only sad, while others say they are just sad but are in fact depressed. 

1. Interest in the things you like.

When you are sad, you may feel down and out over something that has happened, or something that you’ve learned and had to deal with, but the feeling doesn’t take away your interest continuing to do the things you like. You may be sad today, and while you are conscious of the feeling, you are still eager to watch this movie you’ve been waiting to be shown in cinemas, or read a book, or hang out with friends

2. What triggered the condition?

Sadness is often triggered by an event or experience, but there are also instances when you just can’t determine why you suddenly feel sad. However, the feeling can be easily overshadowed once you are preoccupied with other activities, until you realize that you are not sad anymore.

3. Managing routine activities.

A sad person may temporarily have his or her routine activities distorted, especially that of eating and sleeping. It’s common for someone who is sad to go on binge eating or a movie marathon to forget the pain felt, or find it hard to sleep for a number of days. But as the sadness subsides, so does the return to such activities.

4. Constant, recurring feeling of insecurity and insignificance.

This point is also interesting since persons who are feeling sad and undergoing depression experience phases of insecurity and insignificance, but there is also a line that separates the two.

5. Experiencing Self-punishing and Self-harm thoughts.

Sometimes when we are going through extreme sadness, we tend to blame ourselves for what has happened. But as the days pass we learn to accept that there’s nothing we can do but learn from the situation and move forward. However, the same cannot be said to people experiencing depression. Asianet Online