Control These Emotions In Your Relationship

Being in a relationship, maintaining it and staying happy or at least content is something that is becoming a lot difficult these days. It isn’t easy to live with someone let alone share your space and have your personal and physical space invaded by someone. A lot of emotions come into play when you are in a relationship. You have lots of love, anger, jealousy, hatred, friendship and much more. It is a melange of emotions and for a relationship to be successful you need to keep them in check and in balance. You need to realize that a relationship is about two people and not just about you. If you think you cannot handle another person and their emotions, then you should think twice before getting into a relationship. It is not only the bad emotions that you need to control but at times also the good ones.Here are some emotions to control in your relationship.

Emotions to control in your realtionship are:

1.Hate: Hate is such a strong emotion and more than anything else, you should learn to control your feelings of hatred towards the other person when you are in a relationship. There is no point in staying in the relationship when you hate the other person. You should either learn to not hate or get out of the relationship.

2.Anger: Anger cannot be good for anyone, it spoils your mood, your health and the way people react with you. It is especially important that you control your anger in a relationship as anger can make you say and do something really stupid that can be completely detrimental to your relationship. Normally you cease to think when you are angry and say things just to spite the other person even when you don’t really mean it. This can change the entire dynamics of your relationship.

3.Boredom: It is more a feeling than an emotion and it can be equally disastrous for a relationship. People break up not because they dislike each other but because they are plain bored of seeing and doing the same thing day after day for years. Do not feel bored and if you do, take some time off to add some spice to your relationship.

4.Jealousy: Jealousy can creep into any relationship. Be it a relationship you share with your parents, friends or a romantic relationship. Jealousy creeps in when you are unsure of yourself. It is more your fault that you are jealous than the other person. Instead of taking out your insecurities on another person you should learn to be surer of yourself and the relationship and definitely control jealous emotions in a relationship.

5.Love: Just as hate, love can be a very powerful emotion and you really need to control it. Too much love can also make you blind towards the faults of the other person and in the end it will be you who has to reap the deeds. It is good to love unconditionally, but love should also not make you blind to the faults of other people.

These are the emotions to control in your relationship.