Does It Bad To Swallow His Semen

Mistakes do happen in the bedroom. If you have accidentally swallowed his semen, then don't worry. It isn't dangerous if he is your man. But it could be dangerous if he is a total stranger.In fact, some women like to swallow semen whereas some like to use it like a facial. Men enjoy the oral way of expressing love as that is how they feel pampered.In fact, some men think that the only way of expressing true love towards them psychically is by swallowing semen. This idea sounds very stupid, but still, some women don't mind tasting it at least once. But they wonder whether it is safe.Here are some things to know about does it safe to swallow his semen.

1.Semen is generated by a man's reproductive system. It contains sodium, potassium, calcium, lipids, vitamins, proteins, zinc, vitamins and certain other enzymes. So, it isn't harmful if you swallow it by mistake especially if your man is healthy.

2.What if the man isn't healthy? Well, though most of us think that sexually transmitted infections spread only through intercourse, they can also spread through oral methods. So, if the man is infected, the infections could spread through his fluids.

3.If you are with a stranger, then is it safe to swallow his semen? No! Unless you are sure about a man's overall health, swallowing semen is a dangerous thing to do. 

4.What are the infections that can spread through semen? They include: HIV, hepatitis B, genital warts, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes etc.

5.Also, if the genitals are not cleaned properly before the oral session starts, minor bacterial infections may spread. A person's fluids can be carriers of disease.

6.Can protection help? Using a condom during the oral session can minimise the chances of spreading infections.

7.If your partner is healthy, then semen can offer many benefits. Firstly, its good for the skin; have you heard of a semen facial?

8.Semen can act as an antioxidant and therefore is said to prevent wrinkles and acne. Some beauty products are said to contain it.

9.Semen also has anti-depressive properties. The chemical compounds present in semen can boost the mood and enhance one's state of mind.

These are the things to know about does it bad to swallow his semen.