After A Fight With Him Never Do These Things

It is acceptable and fair to have fights, arguments and differences in opinion with your boyfriend every now and then. But there is some amount of unsaid decorum and etiquette that you should maintain in the way you deal with the fight. Here are some things that you should not do after a fight.

Things that do not do after a fight with him are:

1.Cursing yourself for being in the relationship: One of the things that you should never do after fighting with your boyfriend is to show regret by cursing yourself for being in the relationship. This can hurt your boyfriend and it can wash away all the times that you both have shared. Don’t do or say all those things that you would not want your boyfriend to say or do out of anger.

2.Spreading false rumors about him: Trying to take revenge by spreading false rumors about him is like getting sadistic pleasure out of something that you are going to regret later. Don’t be unfair by dragging others into your fight unnecessarily and compromising your boyfriend’s reputation.

3.Threatening to break up: Be careful about which words come out of your mouth after you fight with your boyfriend. You may call each other names and yell at each other but that doesn’t mean you start threatening your boyfriend to break up. These are the kind of bitter words that will always stay in his mind much after the fight has thawed down. If he looses his mind, he may actually accept your threat and be the one to initiate a break up.

4.Posting against your boyfriend on the internet: No matter how angry you are at your boyfriend for something, you shouldn’t be venting your anger on the internet at any cost. Posting cuss words for him on Facebook, angry rants on Twitter or writing him off in your blog is a complete no-no. Don’t wash dirty linen in public because he can do the same thing to you in the future too. Respect your boyfriend’s privacy no matter how unreasonable and ugly your fight has become.

5.Threatening to hurt yourself: Threatening to hurt yourself is the lamest thing that you can do as a measure of dealing with a fight. By doing this, you will forcefully put your boyfriend in a vulnerable position and he will ask for forgiveness even if he doesn’t want to. This may fill his mind with more hate and disgust. It is important to deal with a situation in a mature way rather than using threats and pressure.

6.Going incommunicado: It is natural for you to become upset and feel like being alone after fighting with your boyfriend. You can do this by informing him the same. But going incommunicado without telling him is inappropriate on your part. This will leave him in a lurch and give another serious dimension to the fight. The next time you both fight, your boyfriend might take the same route as you and chose to go in hiding.

7.Leaving a conversation halfway: A typical scenario that occurs between couples during a fight is that either of them tends to stomp out of the conversation halfway out of anger. While this may be a good way to make a statement and show and your anger, but it can damage your relationship to a great extent. No matter how bitter your fight gets, make sure you give it a closure. Be civil and show basic etiquette of giving each other a chance to talk.

These are the things never do after a fight with him.