Find Out If Your Partner Is Ignoring You

Talking about millenials, love can be quite tricky and tough. All of us want attention from the ones we love and admire. But there can be times when you may feel a distance between you and your partner. Though every relationship goes through some ups and downs, nothing can be as bad as being ignored by your partner. However, some people may not be able to acknowledge the fact that their partner is ignoring them. These people tend to live in denial. It is better to wake up and see the reality.

1. Does He/She Often Cancel Plans With You? 

This is one of the best ways to ignore someone without confronting the person. In case, you find your partner cancelling plans every time, without any genuine reason, then you need to consider it as a red flag. It can be possible that at times he or she is genuinely busy, but if your partner is doing this frequently, then this is not a good sign. 

2. Do You Receive Late And Vague Replies? 

Let's understand one thing straight, nobody will ignore messages and calls from someone who is close to their heart. However, there can be some scenarios where your partner is genuinely busy and therefore, can't respond to your texts. But if you find your partner taking longer to reply back or not answering your calls often and is always coming up with excuses, then maybe you need to be cautious and ask him/her to explain his behaviour. 

3. Are You No More His/Her First Priority? 

It is a human tendency to give the highest priority to someone we love and admire. The same applies to your relationship. If you feel that someone or something else has taken your position in your partner's life, then this is not a good sign. Your partner may not give you the same importance as he or she did before. The moment you ask about their whereabouts, he/she may become defensive or choose not to answer you. Also, your partner may make some lame excuses such as he or she is busy.

4. Has Intimacy Level Decreased In Your Relationship?

 Intimacy isn't only about making love to each other under the sheets. It is also about holding hands, kissing and cuddling your partner. This also means emotional intimacy.. There can be times when you and your partner may not be able to carry out these intimate acts. But if you find your partner trying to escape any sorts of intimate actions every now and then, you may consider it as a bad sign. Your partner may seem busy on his/her phone while you are trying to initiate some intimate acts. In such a situation, it is advisable to sort out the problem.

5. Does Your Partner Exclude You From His/Her Plans? 

It is obvious for all of us to hang out with our friends or spend some 'me-time'. There can be times when you and your partner may party or go on a trip with your friends. But if this has become the new routine of your partner, then it can be a sign that your partner is slipping away.