Foods to Have During the Flu

Fighting off a flu can seem to be one of the toughest things in life. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to eat easily digestible and light food during a flu. Fried foods are a strict no no. Boiled items are the best food to be consumed during such times. Listed below are such foods that come to our rescue and can be consumed during a flu.

1.Hot ginger tea

This is one of the most known relievers of cold and cough. Sipping in hot tea laced with ginger can soothe your throat and you are bound to feel instantly better.

2.Hot porridge

Having a cereal like rice steamed with water can make for a comforting flu food. Having porridge helps to keep your body light during a flu.

3.Vegetable or chicken soup

Having hot soup can instantly boost your immunity and make you feel temporarily relieved. The vitamins and proteins also boost your health.


You can have toast at a later stage, when some of the symptoms have subsided as they are light on the body as well.


Having fresh apples can help you feel full especially when you are feeling nauseous and don’t feel like eating anything else.

6.Steamed food

Steamed food with mild spices can get you back on your toes. If you are able to have a plate full, it clearly indicates that you are on the path to recovery. Desk: Asianet Online