Great Ways To Spice Up Your Chicken

1. Variations in marinades

Sometimes it’s not only about cooking the chicken, it’s about changing the formula of cooking it. You can cook a chicken thigh or breast in the way you usually do, all you need to do is to change your marinade with every dish. For an Italian tinge, use generous amounts of rosemary, oregano, garlic, basil and thyme in your marinade mixture. Want to go Thai? Choose coconut milk, lime juice, lemongrass, ginger and cilantro. You could try out a different country each time!

2. Quick chicken meal

Have you ever tried making a quick chicken wrap at home instead of an elaborate baked preparation? Here’s how you do it. Get some pita bread or foccacia. Pan fry a slice of chicken breast and then roll it up in the bread. Love toppings? Add fresh lettuce, green and yellow peppers and onion rings. Wouldn’t you love to smother this roll with lots of mustard, thousand island, sweet onion and mint sauce? Hmmm, yummy!

3. Flavorsome base

Have you ever wondered how a recipe that you find in a restaurant is so damn perfect? And when you try the same at home, you just can’t get close to it? Here’s the solution to it. A great way of completely turning around the taste of your chicken preparation is to rub it with salt and sugar when you’re not marinating it. Don’t know how? Mix one third cup of raw salt and the same amount of sugar, 1 tsp black pepper and chilli flakes. Smother your chicken thigh or breast with it and refrigerate until your meal time for a few hours. Before cooking, wash off this mixture and you’ll find that the lovely salt-n-sweet tingling flavor remains.

4. Crusty chicken

Ladies, this is a great recipe if you are serving special guests. A little rich, sweet and spicy at the same time. With some soaked breadcrumbs, chopped raisins and nuts, you can make a crust at home and spread it over your chicken fillets before baking, pan frying or sautéing it. We’ve tried pre-made crusts but we suggest you do it fresh at home. Trust us, your guests will lick their fingers.

5. Soupy Chicken

It’s funny the way we assume that chicken soup is the only way you can combine chicken and soup, isn’t it? Well, here’s a great way to spice up your chicken using leftover soup like cream of mushroom. Rub your chicken with a salt and pepper mixture, as we’ve suggested to you earlier. Float your chicken pieces in the soup, add vegetables and spices according to your personal taste and cook the chicken at about 400 degrees for an hour. Try this comfort food with steamed rice and you’ll whack yourself in the head for not trying this earlier! Desk: Asianet Online