Harmful Effects of Heavy Metals in Lipsticks

A dash of lipstick can instantly brighten you face, lift your moods and boost your confidence to go out there and rule the world. If women are asked to name the “5 essential things that are must before stepping out of the house”, lipstick, would be that one thing to frequently feature in that list.


This is an ingredient that can cause skin irritation, especially for people with allergic tendencies. Some studies have also linked it to endocrine disruption.


It is not a new revelation that many brands of lipsticks use lead. Throughout the day, women ingest some of that lipstick which in turn keeps accumulating in the bloodstream. Lead is associated with brain damage, nerve problem, infertility, hormonal imbalance and the most hazardous of them all, cancer.

3.Mineral oil substance

Used in most color cosmetics, it has a molecular structure that is too big to be absorbed by the skin, thereby blocking the pores and causing acnes.

4.Retinyl palmitate

This is a mock form of vitamin A, and is considered hazardous for pregnant women and can cause other reproductive problems.

5.Aluminum and manganese

Lipsticks have also been found to contain certain amounts of aluminum and manganese that can cause Alzheimer’s disease and memory and brain functioning problems respectively.

6.Tocopheryl acetate

This particular substance is frequently used in lipsticks, foundations and moisturizers and though they do not fall in the “high hazard” category, yet they can cause reactions like burning, itching, skin blistering, scaling.


It’s a kind of preservative used in products that, according to a number of studies, poses the risk of cancer.