Health Benefits Of Lemon Juice

1. Lemon juice for hair

Lemon juice is a natural remedy to prevent hair loss. There can be many ways in which you can apply lemon juice to your hair. Firstly, you can apply 5-6 drops of lemon juice directly on the scalp. You can also mix it with egg and apply it on the scalp. Thirdly, lemon juice can be mixed with oil and applied on the scalp before washing your hair. You can also mix coconut water and lemon juice in order to control hair fall. Lemon juice is also helpful in fighting against dandruff.

2. Lemon juice for skin

Lemon juice, along with other ingredients, can be applied on the face. This will make your skin clear and full of luster. 


3. Lemon juice for weight loss

Drinking lemon juice with plain water helps in reducing weight in two ways. Firstly, it acts as a filler so that you eat less. Secondly, Vitamin C increases body’s metabolism which helps in quick digestion of food. It also disallows extra fat and carbohydrates to settle inside your body. Drinking lemon juice with honey in the morning helps in curbing excess fat. It is a boon for overweight women.

4. Lemon for healthy body

Lemon is not just a natural way to reduce weight, increase bodily metabolism, cleanse deposited carbohydrates, it also helps in preventing diabetes and atherosclerosis. It improves the working of your liver by strengthening the liver enzymes. It can also fix oxygen and calcium in the liver which further helps in the smooth functioning of the liver. Lemon juice, diluted with water, when used for gargling can help to cure sore throat.

5. Lemon juice for pregnant women

Lemon juice diluted with water can be very beneficial for pregnant women by helping in healthy development of the fetus’ bones, brain and nerves. Desk: Asianet Online