How many carbs does coffee contain

coffee is just essential to kickstart the day, for some, it serves as a great fuel for driving intense workout sessions. That being said, we all know that coffee might not be the healthiest drink we have in our kitchens and it receives considerable flak from weight watchers, thinking that coffee contains nothing but empty calories. This applies especially to those following a low-carb diet, where the intake has to be minimally moderated.

Every healthy person gets their calories from carbohydrate sources in food, most specifically from sugar and starch content.

This being said, in your favourite cuppa, it's not the caffeine in itself but what you add to the drink-the kind of milk, sugar or flavours which make it healthy or unhealthy for your waistline.

What you should know about the carb content in coffee

The caffeine content of a drink does not affect its carb content. Since common caffeine based beverages can also be customized, it also adds to the carbs.On an average, if you choose to consume a drink like espresso, you can be rest assured about your carb intake being zero. 

How to use coffee for weight loss

There is no denying that you can't use coffee to lose weight a little faster. Coffee can be made keto-friendly or low-carb by making simple swaps or finding helpful alternatives. What you should be doing is choose the smarter carbs in your diet plan, which would efficiently speed up your weight loss. Desk: Asianet Online