How To Ask A Woman Out On A Date

Do you know what's the scariest part of a relationship for men when it comes to dating women? Asking women for the date itself! This might freak them out. You have probably read every online article or books, asked a friend about the same but still freaking out. Don't worry, help has arrived. Also, almost nothing in life comes easy.

No two women can be similar and the strategy that worked while asking one woman for a date might not work when asking the other woman. There are some men who are successful in asking women out on a date and have a great time with them but it is not same in case of some men.

some amazing tips that can guide you when it comes to asking women out on a date.

1. Make Up Your Mind 

Make up your mind before you go to the woman and ask her out on a date. Instead of looking confused in front of her, be prepared in your mind. If you are not prepared, you won't be able to speak the right words and might end up messing things up. This way you might lose a chance of asking her out.

2. Be Cheerful And Happy 

Everybody likes a smiling face. While you are all set to ask her for a date, make sure you are having similar expressions. Being anxious and worried will make you look the same. Even if you are anxious, make sure to look happy. This will create a positive image in front of the other person. Also, this will help you to stay calm. And she will listen to what you say rather than feeling awkward and walking away.

3. Avoid The 'Date' Word 

Though you are going to ask her out on a date, make sure to avoid the word 'date'. Using this word will give her a signal that you are way too forward and she might get intimidated by this. For women who do not want to be in a serious relationship, this can turn them off. However, not all women will think this way, but it is better to avoid saying, 'Can I take you on a date?' Instead, you can say, 'Can we go for tea or coffee?' Or 'Would you like to have dinner with me?' This way the woman will feel comfortable and may also go out with you. 

4. Wait For Her Response

As soon as you have asked her to go out with you, wait for her response, even if you are impatient and have butterflies in your stomach or your heart is beating fast, look for her body language and reaction and then decide accordingly.

Maybe she needs some time to think before going out with you or need to seek permission from her parents. Therefore, rather than behaving clumsy, stay calm and tell her that it is okay to take her time and share her thoughts. This will show that you respect her decision and in return, will increase your chances of being successful in taking her out for a date. 

5. Avoid Looking Desperate 

Whether or not she agreed to go out with you, being desperate may spoil your date. If she asks for some time, wait and listen to her. Don't bother her by asking the same questions. This will give her a signal that your intentions are not good. Thus, she may deny going out with you in the future completely. 

6. A Mutual Friend May Come Handy

Mutual friends can be a complete saviour in such situations. You can always take their help while you are planning to have a date with the woman of your dreams. Ask them if the woman is interested in going out with you or not and then you can take things forward accordingly. You can also ask your friends to talk about your good qualities and convince her. Also, you can take help from them to know about the woman's favourite restaurant and ask your friends to request on your behalf to go for dinner. 

7. Be Confident 

Women love men who are confident and know how to take things forward. Therefore, instead of showing your nervousness and anxiety, be confident while you are asking her out. Even when you have already asked her to go with you on a date, wait for her response and let the confidence stay on your face. Else she might not see you as a potential date in the first place.