How To Convert Your Friendship To Love

Are you in love with your friend? Do you keep staring at your friend in awe? Well, if you are then you would want this friendship to convert into love. How would you do that? Here are few tips on how to convert your friendship to love .

Ways to convert your friendship to love are:

1.Change your dressing style: The way you dress up is not everything, but it surely creates an impression on the other person be it your friend. Completely change your dressing style and appearance. Your friend would surely notice this and maybe he starts liking you. This is like the first step to seek attention if you want to move to another level of love.

2.Spend good time: By spending good time with your friend, you would not only know him better but also get close to him. When he opens up to you as his friend, he would get to know you a tad better. And, with time this feeling might eventually turn into love. So, spend some quality time with your friend and go with the right flow.

3.Be a little flirty: Being flirty is an important sign of love. Like, if you start flirting with him, then he would get that silent hint that you like him. Naturally, no one would flirt with a good friend. So, be a little bold and start casual flirting with him. You could just say that he looks too handsome in that red tees of his.

4.Get cozy with your friend: Now, if you are in love there is no embarrassment in getting close to him. That does not mean that you kiss him the minute you see him. Getting cozy with him means holding his hands or keeping your hand on his shoulders. These gestures are also enough to melt his heart. And, if he feels the same then he would react to your touch.

5.Give full attention: If you are a good listener, then chances are you would get closer to the one you are in love with. You heard that right. Just pay heed and listen to him with a patient approach. He would genuinely realize your value in person. And, looking at your perseverance his view about you would change in no time. So, he might start feeling for you.

6.Be your true self: You can’t copy someone to get the attention you want in life. That is like a complete turn off. Instead, you must be as you really are, your real self. Spending time with you, your friend will realize that you are surely different from others as you don’t copy others in life. So, this could just get you one step closer to your friend you are in love with.

7.Be happy and positive in life: Do you know that guys generally get attracted to girls who are happy and positive in life? And, girls who have a great sense of humor! So, for getting close you just need to flaunt your smile in front of him. Be positive in every situation and also make him laugh his heart out. He would surely get attracted to you because of your nature.

These are the ways to convert your friendship to love.