How to hug your partner

Hugging, besides being a very comforting physical act, is also a way to express one's emotions. It's easy to guess that how you hug a person depends a lot on the relationship you share with the person you are embracing. 

The side hug or half-hug: Partner

The side hug or the half-hug, which many people tend to misunderstand as a sign of detachment, is a very interesting act of expressing solidarity. When two romantically attached people tend to side hug more often, it can indicate that they more emotionally connected. They are like the 'partners in crime' and the 'friend in need'. So, you have a very friend-like lover personality if you like to side hug your partner.

The back rub: Carer

Have you ever watched how a mother hugs her children? While hugging, most mothers would embrace their child and rub his back, which indicates how much she cares for him. If you also tend to rub a person's back while embracing him or her, it is a sign that you like to play the role of a carer in a relationship.

Hugging from behind: Protector

A lot of people have this habit of hugging the person they love from behind and wrapping their arms around the partner tightly. Through this gesture, the lover wants to say, "I have your back and will always protect you from harm." Do you often hug your partner from behind while wrapping your arms around him or her? Your personality type is that of a protector!

The soul-searching hug: loyal lover

This is the kind of hug that can connect two people emotionally. A lot of people have this habit of hugging a partner while maintaining eye contact. Sometimes that moment of eye contact can be so intense that one person can see through the other; it's almost like a soul-searching hug. This indicates that the person who loves to maintain eye contact while hugging is a very loyal partner who looks for deep love and stability in a relationship.

I-will-never-let-you-go hug: Insecurity

Some people have this habit of giving their loved one bone-crushing hugs. The couple will be intertwined so tightly that there might come a moment when one partner might even be struggling to breathe! This can be described as 'deadlock' hug and can be an indication of insecurity because when a person hugs another in such strong and never-let-go embrace, he might actually mean what he is doing physically—not wanting to leave his partner at all!