How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

When it comes to long-distance relationships, people Google far and wide for tips on how to handle the pressure. Because, if you've ever tried one, you know it's not easy. 

1. Be clear about the boundaries of your relationship.

To start, you need to be crystal clear about the rules and boundaries within your relationship. Monogamy should not be assumed but stated and understood. If you leave anything ambiguous, this will lead to issues down the road

2. Create a daily ritual.

There are so many factors that keep long-distance couples from feeling connected. You're not a part of each other's daily activities and that can feel isolating.This could be anything you want. For some couples, it may be a FaceTime or Skype chat before work and right before bed. For others, it might be a photo in the morning and at night. It's a simple reminder that your partner is there for you and is thinking of you.

3. Get creative with sexting and video chatting.

Richmond says that getting creative with your virtual chatting is especially important in long-distance relationships because you don't have the same face-to-face intimacy on a daily basis.Writing down words, phrases, meaningful lists, and other items can make it easier and more enjoyable to have fulfilling long-distance conversations

4. Don't tune out the outside world.

While your relationship is important, it's also crucial that you continue to live your life. Don't spend all day long with your head down, eyes stuck to your phone screen. Keeping up communication is needed, but if you let it completely envelop you, you could end up losing yourself.It's also helpful to focus on the positives of having your independence, instead of being hung up on missing your partner. It gives you a chance to thrive outside your relationship, which could help you lead a more balanced life overall.

5. Visit each other consistently.

During your visits, pick a routine activity that can breed a sense of normalcy. But also relish the novel, exciting things you can do in your respective cities because the other person doesn't live there. It gives you a chance to explore and see new things, which you probably wouldn't get in a regular relationship. It keeps things super fresh.

6. Make plans for the future.

While long-distance relationships can work, they do need an end date in order to last. You and your partner should be making plans for the long distance to end, whether that means you move, they move, or you both move somewhere new together.

7. Say "I love you" every single day.

Long-distance relationships require reminding each other that you're a priority. You're making the commitment to each other again and again, every single day. Don't forget to tell your partner that you love them and to remind them why they're important to you Desk: Asianet Online