How You Can Give Your Nails A Fancy Makeover At Home

creating magic on your nails with bottles of polishes and other elements is not as difficult as it might look. Sometimes, just adding a simple touch of glitter or rhinestones can do the trick for you. But first, let’s prepare those nails:

Remove the old nail polish from your nails , wash your hands and pat them dry using a hand towel. Washing your hands will make the cuticles soft, making it easier to trim them.

- Next, use a nail cream on your nails and massage in a circular motion. It strengthens the nails, makes them soft so the nail polish glides on beautifully.

- Use a cuticle trimmer to remove the dead skin around your nails. Make sure you’re gentle otherwise the sharp blade might cut you and leave you with infected nails and fingers.

- Brush off the dead skin from your hands and apply the nail cream again.

Before starting out, here are a few things you should keep handy - different shades of nail polishes, nail polish remover/acetone, some loose glitter, lots of cotton balls, hand towel, nail & hand cream, nail cutter, earbuds, sponges, nail stickers, tape, eyeliner , cuticle trimmer, a nail filer and of course, your inspiration!

Keep it chic and simple

chose the perfect shades for autumn and those rusty tones are givin’ the perfect pre-winter feels! Grade up the shade on each nail and you have a simple yet stunning nail art design.

Makin’ a singular statement

Add a zing of drama to your nails with this one-of-a-kind nail art. Paint your nails with two coats of your favourite nail polish and let them dry. You can then either add multiple coats of glitter or stick on some rhinestones or small stickers for an instant touch of glam. 

Nail art with tape

Scotch tape can give you salon-approved nails within minutes! Just stick your scotch tape on the part you do not want any colour, you can even cut it in a curve before sticking. Paint the rest of your nail and peel off the tape after the polish has dried.

Dab on the haters

One of the simplest ways to upgrade a boring nail paint is to dab it out with a sponge! Take a sponge, apply stripes of nail polish on it and press it hard on your nail. And voila, your perfect ombre nails are ready to be shown off , Desk: Asianet Online