How You Can Use Aluminium For Pain Relief

We use aluminum foil to wrap food materials but that is just one way to use them. There are so many other ways to use them. And yes, they are said to heal!Some people use aluminum foil as a home remedy to treat pain and inflammation though it may sound strange to us.Actually, in certain Chinese healing arts, the usage of aluminum foil is seen. It is said to regulate certain meridian points in the body. It can speed up the body's natural healing process and also reduce pain.Here are some ways that aluminium foil can use for pain relief.

1.Place the aluminum foil in the fridge for 4 hours. Then place it on your face for 5-10 minutes. Use your hands to make the foil stay on your face. After you take it away, you may feel relaxed and your face looks fresh.

2.Before going to bed, try this: Wrap the aluminum foil to your heel in case of heel pain. Remove it after waking up. Repeat for 14 days ad stop. Your heel pain may get cured.

3.For pains like gout, arthritis or sciatica, use the foil to wrap the painful area.

4.In case of minor burns on skin, wash the area first with cold water and pat it dry. Gently apply an ointment prescribed for burns and then use the aluminum foil as a band aid. The burn will heal soon.

5.If you are suffering from cold, wrap the foil to feet and keep it for an hour. After that, remove it and breathe deeply for some time to feel better.

6.Sometimes, your muscles may feel sore. Wrap the aluminum foil to that sore muscle and tie it with a cloth. After 8 hours, you may feel better. Continue the same for 10 consecutive days for better results.

7.If you have scars due to any surgery, tie the aluminum foil to that area and leave it for a couple of hours. Repeat this for 10 days and the scars may heal faster.

8.This remedy is also said to reduce inflammation of the joints. In case of any joint infection or fracture, you can tie aluminum foil to that place.

These are the ways that aluminium foil can use for pain relief. Asianet Online