Never Say These Things To Your Husband

In a marriage, it is said that its the women who start an argument. Many jokes have come up in this regard.But, when a woman is in control of what she says and does, you will see the marriage working out to be a lot more better than before. Also, likewise, men do not like certain things to be told to them by their wives.Here are some things that you should never tell to your husband.

Things that you should never tell to your husband are:

1.Constant Reminders: This is one of the things wives should not do in a marriage. If you remind him throughout the day about some chores or the other, he is going to eventually forget it. Men are like that.

2.Do The Housework: Men and housework, it does not blend in that well. Wives should never say this to their husband, as it will cause an endless fight.

3.I Made A Mistake: ‘I made a mistake marrying you’ – ouch, this hurts. Even if you get in the worst fight with your husband, don’t utter this statement as it will haunt him forever.

4.You Are Bad In Bed: Men always consider themselves to be the best in bed as though it is rocket science. Wives should not tell their husband that they are bad in bed or else they will have a restless night.

5.Yours Is Too Small: If you tell your husband that his is too small, it will break him to pieces. Wives, this is one of the things you should not tell your husband.

6.Earn More: How much do you earn? This is one of the things wives should never say to their husbands. It will hurt their ego.

7.Take Me Shopping: Shopping is like a virus to men. They cannot understand the relationship between a woman and her sense of shopping, therefore never ask your husband to accompany you.

8.Lend Me Your Credit Card: f you want to go shopping and buy yourself expensive dresses, earn the money. One of the things wives should never say to their husband is this – ‘Lend me your credit card, honey.

9.Past Issues: The past issues are always such a burden to handle. Wives should never bring up the past and comparison is one of the things husbands cannot withstand.

10.Mum-In-Law Talks: ‘Your mum does not love me as much as she loves you’. This is one of the things wives should not say to their husbands. Men do not like it when you speak against their mum.

These are the things that you should never tell to your husband.