Importance Of Physical Attraction In Relationship


Many argue that love is beyond physical looks. So, let us put that argument aside.But when it comes to falling in love, physical beauty plays its own role (at least in a small way) as it ignites the initial attraction. That is why young men and women try to first look good.When a man falls for a woman what is it that he finds attractive physically? And when a woman falls for a man, what physical feature first grabs her attention? Here are some importance of physical attraction in relationship.

Importance of physical attraction in relationship are:

1.When it comes to men, 85% of the men who participated in the survey voted for a curvy figure. They all said that a curvy figure is the most attractive physical feature in women.

2.Most of the men admitted that they check out the chest area of women as it is the second most attractive physical feature after a curvy figure.

3.Slim women need not feel discouraged as most of the men said that a beautiful butt is the next attractive physical feature in women.

4.Legs are next in the list of attractive physical features in women. Yes, men fall for beautiful shapely legs though they ignore the arms.

5.When it comes to men's looks, most of the women who participated in the survey, voted for guys with average build. So, men who sweat out too much in the gyms may need to realise this.

6.Most of the women admitted that they notice the arms of a man. Also, they said that they don't notice men's legs much.

7.Do you know what is the most powerful physical attribute in both men and women? Eyes! Both men and women agreed that they fall for beautiful, powerful or hypnotic eyes. So, eyes can be concluded as the most attractive physical feature in both men and women.

These are the importance of physical attraction in relationship. Asianet Online