Know About Does Online Dating Work


Today we have a myriad number of ways to connect with people. We have the Internet and social media to stay connected with loved ones. But does online dating work?In fact, social media is there to connect to your loved ones; but it still isn't a place to find love. At least that is what some studies say.As a part of a study, when researchers questioned nearly 1000 young men and women about the possibility of finding a new love online, 89% of them said no as they had bad experiences in the past due to online dating.Though the rest said that they found someone online and dated them, they too agreed that those relationships didn't last long. And there are a few who also claimed that they were cheated and looted when they tried to date someone through the dtaing sites.The problem here is, we have no way of knowing about the truth in the projections that people give online. And when we come to know the truth, it would be too late.

1.Some People Never Show Their Actual Self: This is the problem with online dating. When you try to get to know about the person, what if the other person says a lot of lies and shows you a different picture instead of telling the truth?

2.There Are Chances For Cheating: People can easily cheat online by posting fake pictures of someone else just to attract you. And when you go to meet the real person, you might get disappointed or cheated.

3.You Might Get Scammed: There are many incidents where people literally got scammed. Some scammers attract dates to some secluded place and loot them before running away.

4.Some Are There Just For Fun: Some people online are there just for fun. Though they are already married, they just open a secret profile on dating sites and try to enjoy secret romance with another partner.

5.You Will Never Know What The Person Is Doing: Even if you have fallen in love with someone through online dating, you will never be able to know what the person does in real life apart from dating you.

6.The Success Rate Is Low: There are very few couples who have seen some real relationships or stable relationships through finding someone online and dating them.

7.The Fear Factor Spoils It: When something is too good to be true, you might start suspecting the other person. When fear rules your emotions, you can't openly date that person.

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