Know The Shelf Period Of Romance

Like anything else in this world, even romance could have a shelf period. And if your relationship stays strong even when romance wanes then you can rest assured that you are made for each other.During the initial phases, attraction plays an important role in bringing two people together. After that, maybe when physical intimacy starts, the partners may get attached more.Sometimes, it seems impossible to even live without the other person. But after a few years of togetherness, romance and the intensity of passion may come down. Staying together even after that point may totally depend upon compatibility.Here are some ways to know the shelf peeriod of romance.

1.Two People Look At Each Other: This is the first stage. You look at someone and gradually start developing an interest and after a few meetings, the interest develops into a feeling.

2.Two People Talk To Each Other: Gradually, both of you start talking to each other to find common interests and opinions. Both of you start liking each other more during this stage.

3.Attraction Makes Things Look Positive: As the attraction deepens, you start thinking that she is meant for you. That is when you feel like strengthening the bond.

4.Staying With Each Other Becomes A Norm: You start spending more time together in intimacy. Living without the other person seems almost impossible.

5.Lovemaking Becomes A Part Of Life: You'll feel comfortable in bed with that person and you'll enjoy every single session.

6.Partners Take Each Other For Granted: Gradually, you'll start arguing with each other over small things once taking each other for granted starts.

7.When Boredom Creeps In: Both of you feel repelled when the boredom in the bedroom starts eating your sanctity.

8.Regrets Start: That is the point when you start regretting being in the relationship. Why are things no longer beautiful?

9.What Happens After That: Well, if your relationship endures the waning period of romance with the help of compatibility and true love, you are going to be together forever. Yes, the shelf period of romance could dictate only relationships based on surface level attraction. True love is resilient to such obstacles.

These are the ways to know the shelf life of romance. Desk: Asianet Online