Know These Bad Habits That Can Kill You

All of us cultivate some habits gradually without being aware. Every habit has its own effect in the long run. Whether you have the habit of eating too much or too little, drinking too much or not drinking at all, every action will have its own effect.Some habits slowly spoil your health and can gradually turn into life-threatening conditions.

1.Too Much Of Meat: Eating too much of meat can also damage the kidney in the long run. High levels of protein increases the load on the kidneys.

2.Postponing Nature's Calls: Some of us have the habit of postponing nature's calls. Not peeing on time may cause the bacteria in the urine breed and multiply.They can cause infections too. Urinary tract infection, uremia and nephritis are all issues that start slowly because of not peeing n time.

3.Eating Lot Of Sugar: Eating too much of sugar may raise the levels of protein in your system which may burden the kidneys. In fact, if your urine contains high levels of protein, it could be a sign of kidney issue! 

4.Using Painkillers Often: Even painkillers can kill your kidneys if you overuse them. In fact, they can affect both the liver and the kidneys.

5.Too Much Of Alcohol: Excessive alcohol can cause uric acid deposits in the renal tubules. This could lead to kidney failure too.

6.Eating Too Much Of Salt: Excessive salt consumption also bothers your kidneys. They need to put in lots of efforts to eliminate the excess salt. Also Too much of sodium can cause water retention and high BP.

7.Not Sleeping Well: Even lack of enough sleep is a habit that troubles your kidneys. Only during sleep, your body will be able to repair damaged tissues in your kidneys.

8.Not Drinking Water On Time: If you don't drink enough water, your blood circulation gets affected and even your kidneys fail to work efficiently in eliminating toxins.

These are the bad habits that can kill you. Desk: Asianet Online