Know These Reasons Why Men Flirt

Men Love To Get Into Unknown Territories The challenge of invading unknown territories gives a different high to men who love challenges.Of course, that's fair enough. Who will enjoy when a stranger suddenly comes in and starts flirting? That would feel creepy. So, remember not to flirt with strangers. Also, gauge a woman's mood and mindset even before you plan to flirt.If you fail to analyse a woman's feelings, you might land in trouble when you flirt. Some may take it seriously. In fact, try all flirting with your life partner or girlfriend so that things will be safe.Here are some reasons why men flirt.

1.It Gives Them Confidence: You know what? It takes lots of courage and confidence to flirt. And when a man flirts, he tends to feel confident. This is one reason why men flirt.

2.To Convey Interest: Some men find that flirting is the best way to indirectly convey their interest to a woman. So, if a man is flirting, it could be because he is interested in you.

3.It Gives Them A 'Rush': Men derive kick from flirting. In fact, some men find flirting more exciting than kissing. This is because there is some kind of uncertainty and unpredictability in the very act of flirting and this may give them a rush.

4.It Helps Them Break The Ice: When you don't know how to start a conversation, you tend to start by praising the beauty of the woman or giving a compliment, right? This is how flirting starts.

5.Its Sheer Fun: Some men flirt only for fun. They generally don't have any other intension apart from having instant fun. Such men's behaviour need not be taken seriously.

6.When A Woman Blushes To A Man's Flirting: A man feels like he has conquered the whole world when a woman just blushes to his flirting. This is one good reason why men feel like flirting.

7.To Start A Relationship: Men try to gauge the response of a woman and her personality by experimenting with mild flirting. When a women positively responds instead of slapping then men take it as signal to start a relationship.

These are the reasons why men flirt. Asianet Online