Know These Signs Of A Dysfunctional Relationship

Though marriages are meant to last a lifetime, only some couples manage to live happily whereas others end up in misery. There is no use in blaming the institution of marriage or the partner.Some relationships choices just don't work. Incompatibility could be the reason among many others. When a marriage fails, there isn't any need to continue in a dysfunctional relationship just to keep going together.In fact, living with an abusive partner isn't healthy. The stress might show its drastic effect sooner or later. When a relationship decision goes wrong, it is wise to introspect and contemplate the reasons behind what went wrong.Here are some signs of a dysfunctional relationship.

Signs of a dysfunctional relationship are:

1.When you have an ugly fight with your partner, do you tell about that to your friends? Well, generally, you would like to cover up the ugly side of your relationship and show only the beautiful side to the world. But if you have started speaking about the meaningless arguments you had with your partner, then you must have reached a point where you don't value your relationship anymore.

2.Whenever you are free, if thoughts of the past fights with your partner keep tormenting you all the time, maybe you have reached a point where you sub consciously regret being in the relationship.

3.If you start getting defensive the moment your partner even opens his or her mouth, you must have set your mind against the relationship.

4.Do you feel like your life is trapped? If you keep regretting your relationship decision every moment of the day, then you may need to talk about it with your partner soon. Do you have irreconcilable differences? Maybe, its time to move on.

5.At times, in the middle of an argument, did you ever simply ask your partner to get out of your life? Or did your partner say the same to you? Though you say sorry to each other later, such instances make the relationship bitter.

6.Did fits of rage make any of you use physical force to vent out anger? That is dangerous. That is the starting point of unhealthy physical abuse.

7.Do you fight even in front of your kids? Or do you fight even when you are in a romantic holiday spot? Are you in a phase where even 5 minutes of conversation doesn't run smoothly due to difference of opinions? Well, in such a case, it is better to take a final decision instead of making each other's life hell.

8.Do you get irritated even with the touch of your partner? Do you repel each other physically too? Then sit and think again.

These are the signs of dysfunctional relationship to know. Desk: Asianet Online