Know These Ways To Be A Good Friend

Friends are the shade in the heat of life. Friends are the smile in the sadness deprived. Do you think you are an awesome friend? Well, if you are then pat your back. If you want to be, then here are some ways to be a good friend.

Ways to be a good friend are:

1.Be there for your friend: Always be there for your friend in need. That is the biggest test of your friendship. Be there to support your friend when your friend feels low. Be there to advise your friend when she needs your suggestion. Be there to talk to your friend, when she needs to pour her heart out. Be there for that emotional support she needs from you in life.

2.Be loyal to your friend: Friendship rule says that you must always be loyal to your friend. Do not talk behind her back because that is an insult to your friendship. The things you share with your friend should also be a secret. Don’t share your private talks with other people. Loyalty and trust guides friendship and makes the relationship of friendship stronger and better with time.

3.Be as you are: Don’t be fake with your friend. Be as you truly are. There is no place for fakeness in friendship. If you are moody, then show your friend that you are. If you laugh at silly jokes then ask her for company. Being yourself is like being genuine with your friend. And, that helps to make your friendship even better. So, don’t be fake.

4.Listen and guide: Listen to your friend when she is in distress. Always have a patient ear for this. Talk to her when she needs you, you will provide her the solace in life. Listen to her view point and give her an honest feedback on the same. Guide her and motivate her along the path. Your honest suggestions will surely help her a lot in life, so be there for her.

5.Don’t hold any grudges or argue: If you hold past grudges with your friend, then there is no point in staying friends with her. Forgive and forget your friend for everything with a clear heart. Don’t argue with her for silly reasons. If you are frustrated for some reason, simply talk it out. Arguing without a reason or fighting can lead to many other problems. There is no place for such things in friendship.

6.Be happy when she is happy: Another rule of friendship is being happy when she is happy. And, bring a smile on her face when she is unhappy. That is what true friends are for life. Be genuinely happy for her success in life. Show that on your face. Don’t get jealous of her success; there is no place for jealousy in friendship. You must be happy for her as a true friend in life.

7.Do small gestures: Make your friend feel special by doing some small gestures for her. Like, get her something she loves doing. Or, arrange for music that she loves to listen. Gift her small things so that it brings a smile on her face. Friendship is truly pure, so you must also be a true friend whose pure from the heart.

These are the ways to be a good friend.