Know These Ways To Consume Egg Shells

How to consume egg shells is a question less asked. Every time anyone needs something tasty and healthy to eat, one of the most viable options is to pop the egg and make one of the many and easy to cook dishes.Yes, the contents of an egg are nutritious and easy to cook. Having said so has anyone of us thought before throwing the egg shells into the dustbin. Egg shells are a part of the egg too.You must understand that egg shells are one of the most nutritious parts of the egg and there are hundreds of ways to answer the question “How to consume egg shells”. Before answering the question of how to consume egg shells, let us address the most prominent question in your minds – how safe are eggshells to consume?

It is important to note that it is absolutely safe to consume them even in their raw form and would not harm you unless you are allergic to it. You will be amazed to know that the nutritional benefits of egg shells come from the fat that it is made of approximately 95 percent calcium carbonate and rest 5 percent comprises of proteins, calcium phosphate and magnesium carbonate.Also, eating egg shells makes your bones stronger due to its ingredients and helps you fight those joint aches. Other than consuming them, you may use it for for replenishment of calcium in your pets, cleaning sticky oily utensils and improving the fertility of soil.Here are some ways to consume egg shells.

1.Coffee Magic: Boil the egg shells with your brewing coffee and you will have a less bitter and a lesser acidic coffee to enjoy.

2.Raw Delicacy: Another on the list of ways to consume egg shells is to grind them. Wash the shells thoroughly and let them dry. Once dried, dry- grind them ot do it with the addition of a little water. After grinding them, the egg shells can be added to a variety of dry as well as gravy laden vegetables. You can also add them to your omelet or scrambled eggs.

3.Roasted Egg Shells: Another popular way of consuming egg shells is roasting or boiling them first and then letting your inner master chef out to use them in various dishes.

4.Bake them: The egg shells can be easily baked in the microwave for 10-15 minutes at 350 C. These baked egg shells can be easily consumed with deserts or grinded into a powdered form for consumption with various other foods and drinks.

5.Smoothie mixture: One of the best ways to consume egg shells is mixing the egg shell powder into your smoothies as it hides the bland taste and makes it easier to drink. The egg shells can also be blended in their natural state with smoothies for drinking.

6.Banana-Yoghurt shake: The next would be the banana-Yoghurt mix. Blend bananas, yoghurt and egg shell and try the new mix. It tastes delicious!

7.Soup: Come the soups in which egg shells can be easily added. Either boil the egg shells with the soup or grind them into a powdered form and mix it into the soup, to boost your body calcium levels.

These are the ways to consume egg shells.