Things That Men Like In Their Women

A lady should not concentrate only on her looks in making her man happy. There are other things too which make a man happy and you as a lady have to understand that men love for their women to be the way they want them to be.In many relationships, you will see that men want their women to be better than any other lady in their life, be it their mother or sister.You can now put away all your artificial ways of getting his attention, be yourself and put on a great and natural performance to get him to want you more and more each day.Here are some things that men like in their women.

Things that men like in their women are:

1.Good Listener: On the whole women are actually very good listeners. They are born with the ability to listen before voicing out their opinion. However, these days with the kind of stress women are under, very few lack the patience to listen.

2.Sense Of Humour: Apart from your smile, men like for their woman to have a good sense of humour. Having the ability to make him laugh and to cry at the same time is something only a handful of women can achieve.

3.The Girl Who Gives Him Space: There are some women who are picky when it comes to their man and men on the other hand, like for their woman to give them space. It is essential to give each other space in the relationship as it helps one to grow individually.

4.Maternal Instincts: If you are not married and in a relationship with a man who adores kids, you should learn to find it in your heart to love them too, if you want a future with the man you love. Maternal instincts is something a man likes for their woman to have.

5.That You Always Smell Good: It is quite obvious that women smell much much better than men, anytime and any day. But, on one hand there are a handful of women who are unhygienic which in turn puts a man off. So, this is yet another thing what a man likes in their woman, to smell good all the time.

6.The Ability To Cook: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, if you want to own his heart make sure you know what his favourite dishes are and learn to make it in the best way. This is one of the things ‘every’ man likes in their woman.

7.To Play A Sport: We do not mean to be a tom boy! If you love the sport he plays or keeps a track on, there is nothing like it. He will be forever delighted to see his lady watch a sport that he genuinely loves.

8.On Being Confident: Being confident and believing in oneself is an important thing in which men like in their woman. By being confident you are telling him that you are a strong, independent woman.

9.Open Mindedness: You hardly get to see a lot of open minded women these days and men love to see their woman being open minded, especially when it comes to orthodox ways of living.

These are the things that men like in their women.