Mistakes teens make while dating


Teen dating needs really special care and attention. These developing minds always commit silly mistakes that can spoil their image and future forever.Here are few common mistakes that teens commit while dating.

Mistakes teens make while dating:

1.Getting intimate: There is an age in which a couple should get intimate. If your relationship is fresh but you get physically involved in the initial stages, then you can regret later. This is because very few teen romances last forever.

2.Thinking physical love as mental love: Many teens make the mistake of taking attraction as love. But after few weeks or months of dating, they break up when they realise its not love. This relationship mistake can be really hard for your partner to accept.Be sure before proposing or saying yes.

3.Betrayal:Teen romances do not last forever.When they find someone new in the school or their neighbourhood, they get carried away. This relationship mistake is committed by a majority of teens.

4.Lack of understanding: Teen romances often end because there is lack of understanding and trust. It is quiet obvious as the mind of a teen is very fickle. Once they will like some hot chick or dude and after a week, they fall for someone else. So teen couples lack understanding amongst themselves.

5.Talking about the relationship: Teens get very excited when they start dating. Though love relationships are not acceptable in many schools, they openly talk about their affair with their friends. The over-excitement can sometimes be bad for the relationship especially if your partner doesn’t want others to know about the relationship.

6.Falling for the wrong guy/girl: Teens are too young to know the real intentions of their partners. Not only teens, even adults make silly mistakes in understanding the mind and intentions of their partners. Women always get attracted to bad guys and once the guy shows interest in them, women get carried away. It is one of the mistakes that teens as well as adults make in a relationship.

These are a few mistakes that teens make in their relationships.