New Great Recipes With Cheese

1. Egg and cheese soup:

Cheese can be used in many forms, but using it in soup form is more delicious. A delicious soup can be made using eggs and parmesan cheese. For the soup, you need parmesan cheese, chicken stock, eggs, and black pepper. Semolina and salt can be used for taste. Mix semolina, eggs, and parmesan cheese together, beat it properly. Boil chicken stock, add black pepper and the above mixture.

2. Yummy cheesecake:

Everyone savors cheesecakes. We are sure, you would also be tempted on hearing the name. An easy cheesecake can be prepared using piecrust and soft cream cheese. Beat the cream cheese and sugar till fluffy. Add some sour cream and vanilla extract. Now, fold in the cream mixture. Form a piecrust in a baking tray, and pour the mixture. Cool it and enjoy the yummy cheesecake.

3. Cheese fondue: 

Cheese fondue can be relished with all your meals. It can be savored with breakfast or small meals. Any two-cheese varieties can be used for cheese fondue. In a fondue pot, add some garlic. Add some lemon juice and wine. Now, add some shredded cheese, if you are using two varieties, then add both of them into the pot. Now, heat the fondue and stir it with a wooden spoon. Add some cornstarch, salt and pepper to taste. To enhance the taste of the fondue, add some mix herbs as well.

4. Easy cheese risotto:

Mix butter, onions, and long grain rice together. Add some chicken granules and water. Add some salt and pepper cook it for 5 minutes. Now, add Parmesan cheese and simmer for five minutes. Your delicious risotto is ready. Desk: Asianet Online