Friday, July 10, 2020


Things to Do If Your Husband is Depressed

Depression is not an easy phase, especially when your spouse is going through it. Many women find it hard to cope with the situation and stand helple...

Romantic Ideas For Your Husband

1.Prepare a personalized video Today with technology reaching its acme of advancement, you can do many things that were not possible some years back....

Ways to Understand Your Husband Better

There is no point in staying in a relationship or in the marriage if you cannot understand your husband. It is a given that men can be difficult...

Things to Never Say During a Fight

They say having a healthy argument is a sign of a healthy relationship. However, when such arguments keep turning into messy fights, it could pr...

Benefits Of Having Red Fruits For Health

These fruits and vegetables, all red in colour or associated colours, are powerhouses and have huge reserves of antioxidants such as lycopene and ant...

Benefits Of Having Oats For Breakfast Every Day

Food is a basic need for every living being, but humans have different ways of getting it. Plants are the only living things that can prepare&nb...

Cons Of Using Painkillers During Periods

How many of our women folk pop painkillers in their mouths to alleviate pain during menstrual cramps? Though this action may give them some temporary...

Why You Must Drink Water Before Tea Or Coffee

It is believed that at least 70% of the global adult population consumes beverages like tea and coffee on a daily basis.For most of us, drinking coff...

Beef & vegetable casserole

  Ingredients 2 celery sticks, thickly sliced 1 onion, chopped 2 really big carrots, halved lengthways then very chunkily sliced 5 bay leaves 2 ...

Eggless Chocolate and Honey Mousse Recipe

Instructions 100 gm melted dark chocolate chips 1/2 cup whipping cream 6 tablespoon honey For Garnishing 3 maraschino cherry How to make  Step 1...

Breakfast Mistakes You Must Avoid

There have been conflicting reports that keep emerging these days about having breakfast every morning and about it being the most important meal of ...

Things to Know About Weight Loss Surgery

There is the weight gain that comes from eating too many bad things and no exercise and there is the other weight gain that you can do nothing about....

Things That Makes An Online Dater Successful

Bragging is a strict no-no if you you wish to attract possible romantic partners through online dating. Rather, present yourself as humble and "real,...

Know These Good Things About Today's Women

  There are divided opinions. Some men think that women of the previous generation are a lot better than today's women while some men argue that...

Sangria Jelly Recipe

Ingredients 200 Gram Strawberries (cut) 500 Mililitres Fresh orange juice 10 Mililitres Lemon juice 10 Mililitres Orange liqueur 10 Gram Orange peel ...

Gulab Jamuns with Khoya

Ingredients Khoya (sugarless) -1 cup All purpose flour/maida - 1/3 cup Cooking soda/soda bi carb - a generous pinch Oil for deep frying For the sugar...

Ways To Make Your Eyeliner Last Longer

Kohl or Kajal for more than 10 years now and still fail to make the eyeliner last long. Finding the appropriate eyeliner and making it last long is q...

How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms Using Potato

Every girl loves to flaunt her sleeveless tops and dresses. Dark underarms often become a barrier to this. Shaving, waxing, etc., especially in a ver...

Health and Beauty Benefits Of Wearing Copper Ring

  To enhance the beauty of hands we have a variety of fancy rings worn in hands. You may have seen some people wearing copper rings too. Not just...

Don't do these things while doing first aid

Whenever you get hurt, you do the first thing that makes you think at that time. But for this it is necessary to have the right information, otherwis...

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