Promises Girls Expect From Boyfriends

A promise is an expression of love, care and the willingness to do something for a relationship.Promises offer security and decide the longevity of relationships. When you promise something to your loved one and fulfill it, your bond strengthens more.Any relationship in this world runs on trust and fulfillment of promises. The best way to show how much you love your partner is through a fulfilled promise.Here are some promises girls expect from boyfriends.

Promises girls expect from boyfriends are:

1.I will love you more, even when you grow old: This is the first promise every girl needs. You need to prove that your love goes deeper than the external looks of your woman.

2.I shall be fiercely loyal even when temptations over power me: Any woman would expect loyalty from her man and this is a promise to make. If temptations rule your mind, you’re unfit for relationships.

3.Your problems are my problems and I shall face them tirelessly: When you jump forward like a brave soldier and deal with her problems, you look like the real man to the damsel in distress.

4.Your people are my people and I shall treat them with respect: She’ll surely kiss you after you promise this. Every woman wants her people to be treated with respect.

5.My debit cards are your debit cards. My bank accounts are your bank accounts: This could be a dangerous promise if you don’t have a zero balance account with zero balance in it.

6.I shall reveal all my passwords (Email and Facebook) as I have nothing to hide from you: She will jump with joy when you keep things transparent.

7.Even when you shout at me in every fight, I shall stay silent and kiss you gently when you are busy shouting at me: Women want someone to keep them stable when they undergo mood swings. You are a true man when you understand this.

8.I respect your past and shall never dig it out. And I shall never talk about my ex or praise her beauty in front of you: This is a very important promise. Frame your sentence carefully to avoid upsetting her.

9.I shall spend all my time, energy and resources to love you more and more and keep you happy.

10.I shall quit smoking and drinking but will never force you to quit shopping and eating junk: She’ll get a high when you make this promise.

These are the promises that every girl wants to hear from boyfriends.