Reasons Behind Married Couples Grow Apart

Being married and living together under the same roof is not the sign of togetherness. There is more to a marriage than just living together. It is seen that couples often grow apart after years of being together. Often, people do not realise that they are actually drifting away from one another. The reasons that couple grow apart are very mundane.A relationship is like a plant. You have to water it, nurture it and only then does it blossom. But due to lack of time, we often let our relationships lie without nurture. Couples grow apart in important relationships like marriage because they do not nurture their relationship.

Divorce is on the rise and even couples who have been married for many years are getting divorced. This is because; couple can grow apart even after years of marriage.Here are some reasons behind married couples grow apart.

Reasons behind married couples grow apart are:

1.Work Pressure: The main culprit when it comes to the rising number of divorces is work pressure. Most couples where both partners are working become too busy to even see each other’s face by the time they are in their 30s. As a result, a distance starts forming in between the couple. This in turn makes the couple drift away from one another.

2.Long Distance Relationship: Many couples are forced to live in two different cities, countries and even continents due to their jobs. As they stay away from each other, they stop depending on each other and their need for company gets diminished.

3.Maturity: Advancing age does not come to you without some side effects. We change as people when we grow older. A couple might have been compatible at the age of 25. But when they are 40, they might have grown into two completely different individuals who cannot gel with each other anymore.

4.Boredom: The new generation does not look at marriage as an institution for a lifetime. They are not willing to try ways to overcome boredom in a marriage. When couples get bored with each other, they prefer to go their own ways.

5.The Virtual World: We live in a world that is more virtual than real these days. Your relationship is also dependent what your Facebook page says about you. Living in a pseudo world makes couples feel disconnected with each other. They are often living in their own virtual cocoons. Instead of talking to each other, they send each other messages online.

These are the reasons behind married couples grow apart.